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Issue #2866252 by arshadcn, rakesh.gectcr: Refactor...

Issue #2866252 by arshadcn, rakesh.gectcr: Refactor \Drupal\Tests\rest\Functional\EntityResource\Block\BlockResourceTestBase::getExpectedCacheTags
parent 626ea42c
......@@ -122,9 +122,7 @@ protected function getExpectedCacheContexts() {
protected function getExpectedCacheTags() {
// Because the 'user.permissions' cache context is missing, the cache tag
// for the anonymous user role is never added automatically.
return array_values(array_filter(parent::getExpectedCacheTags(), function ($tag) {
return $tag !== 'config:user.role.anonymous';
return array_values(array_diff(parent::getExpectedCacheTags(), ['config:user.role.anonymous']));
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