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Issue #2390241 by wadmiraal, jhodgdon, nod_: No documentation on how to define a library

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......@@ -208,6 +208,64 @@ public function buildByExtension($extension) {
* This method sets the parsed information onto the library property.
* Library information is parsed from *.libraries.yml files; see
* editor.library.yml for an example. Every library must have at least one js
* or css entry. Each entry starts with a machine name and defines the
* following elements:
* - js: A list of JavaScript files to include. Each file is keyed by the file
* path. An item can have several attributes (like HTML
* attributes). For example:
* @code
* js:
* path/js/file.js: { attributes: { defer: true } }
* @endcode
* If the file has no special attributes, just use an empty object:
* @code
* js:
* path/js/file.js: {}
* @endcode
* The path of the file is relative to the module or theme directory, unless
* it starts with a /, in which case it is relative to the Drupal root. If
* the file path starts with //, it will be treated as a protocol-free,
* external resource (e.g., // Full URLs
* (e.g., as well as URLs that use a valid
* stream wrapper (e.g., public://path/to/file.js) are also supported.
* - css: A list of categories for which the library provides CSS files. The
* available categories are:
* - base
* - layout
* - component
* - state
* - theme
* Each category is itself a key for a sub-list of CSS files to include:
* @code
* css:
* component:
* css/file.css: {}
* @endcode
* Just like with JavaScript files, each CSS file is the key of an object
* that can define specific attributes. The format of the file path is the
* same as for the JavaScript files.
* - dependencies: A list of libraries this library depends on.
* - version: The library version. The string "VERSION" can be used to mean
* the current Drupal core version.
* - header: By default, JavaScript files are included in the footer. If the
* script must be included in the header (along with all its dependencies),
* set this to true. Defaults to false.
* - minified: If the file is already minified, set this to true to avoid
* minifying it again. Defaults to false.
* - remote: If the library is a third-party script, this provides the
* repository URL for reference.
* - license: If the remote property is set, the license information is
* required. It has 3 properties:
* - name: The human-readable name of the license.
* - url: The URL of the license file/information for the version of the
* library used.
* - gpl-compatible: A Boolean for whether this library is GPL compatible.
* See for more
* information.
* @param string $extension
* The name of the extension that registered a library.
* @param string $path
......@@ -362,6 +362,9 @@
* See drupal_process_attached() for additional information.
* See \Drupal\Core\Asset\LibraryDiscoveryParser::parseLibraryInfo() for more
* information on how to define libraries.
* @section render_pipeline The Render Pipeline
* The term "render pipeline" refers to the process Drupal uses to take
* information provided by modules and render it into a response. For more
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