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Issue #2972300 by msankhala, joachim: badly worded @return for getPreferredLangcode()

parent 7ee41bff
......@@ -76,10 +76,12 @@ public function isAnonymous();
* language if the user has no language preference.
* @return string
* The language code that is preferred by the account. If the preferred
* language is not set or is a language not configured anymore on the site,
* the site default is returned or an empty string is returned (if
* $fallback_to_default is FALSE).
* Returned language code depends upon following:
* - The user preferred language code is returned if set in the account.
* - If the user has no preferred language and $fallback_to_default is TRUE
* then the site default language code is returned.
* - If the user has no preferred language and $fallback_to_default is FALSE
* then empty string is returned.
public function getPreferredLangcode($fallback_to_default = TRUE);
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