Commit b8f18b39 authored by Dries Buytaert's avatar Dries Buytaert
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- Patch #364487 by JamesAn: make sure that the 'machine name' text does not wrap.

parent 0b1a243e
......@@ -71,6 +71,7 @@ function node_type_form(&$form_state, $type = NULL) {
'#default_value' => $type->name,
'#description' => t('The human-readable name of this content type. This text will be displayed as part of the list on the <em>add new content</em> page. It is recommended that this name begin with a capital letter and contain only letters, numbers, and <strong>spaces</strong>. This name must be unique.'),
'#required' => TRUE,
'#size' => 30,
'#field_suffix' => ' <small id="node-type-name-suffix">&nbsp;</small>',
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