Commit b8c2f8f2 authored by catch's avatar catch

Issue #2614764 by snehi,, rakesh.gectcr, anil280988, amit.drupal,...

Issue #2614764 by snehi,, rakesh.gectcr, anil280988, amit.drupal, jhodgdon: Wrong @param doc in class Composer
parent ad0a90f3
......@@ -143,7 +143,9 @@ public static function ensureHtaccess(Event $event) {
* Remove possibly problematic test files from vendored projects.
* @param \Composer\Script\Event $event
* @param \Composer\Installer\PackageEvent $event
* A PackageEvent object to get the configured composer vendor directories
* from.
public static function vendorTestCodeCleanup(PackageEvent $event) {
$vendor_dir = $event->getComposer()->getConfig()->get('vendor-dir');
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