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Issue #2195779 by ParisLiakos: Remove aggregator_load_feed_items().

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* @file
* User page callbacks for the Aggregator module.
* Loads and optionally filters feed items.
* @param string $type
* The type of filter for the items. Possible values are:
* - sum: No filtering.
* - source: Filter the feed items, limiting the result to items from a
* single source.
* @param mixed $data
* Feed data used for filtering. The type and value of $data depends on $type:
* - source: $data is an object with $data->fid identifying the feed used to
* as filter.
* The $data parameter is not used when $type is 'sum'.
* @param int $limit
* (optional) The number of records to return. Defaults to 20.
* @deprecated Use \Drupal\aggregator\ItemStorageController::loadAll() for
* loading all feed items, \Drupal\aggregator\ItemStorageController::loadByFeed()
* @return \Drupal\aggregator\ItemInterface[]
* An array of the feed items.
function aggregator_load_feed_items($type, $data = NULL, $limit = 20) {
$storage_controller = \Drupal::entityManager()->getStorageController('aggregator_item');
switch ($type) {
case 'sum':
return $storage_controller->loadAll($limit);
case 'source':
return $storage_controller->loadByFeed($data->id(), $limit);
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