Commit b536f0e9 authored by xjm's avatar xjm

Issue #2829005 by claudiu.cristea: Add documentation for migration plugin discovery alter

parent d0d377cc
......@@ -110,6 +110,29 @@ function hook_migrate_prepare_row(Row $row, MigrateSourceInterface $source, Migr
* Allows altering the list of discovered migration plugins.
* Modules are able to alter specific migrations structures or even remove or
* append additional migrations to the discovery. For example, this
* implementation filters out Drupal 6 migrations from the discovered migration
* list. This is done by checking the migration tags.
* @param array[] $migrations
* An associative array of migrations keyed by migration ID. Each value is the
* migration array, obtained by decoding the migration YAML file and enriched
* with some meta information added during discovery phase, like migration
* 'class', 'provider' or '_discovered_file_path'.
* @ingroup migration
function hook_migration_plugins_alter(array &$migrations) {
$migrations = array_filter($migrations, function (array $migration) {
$tags = isset($migration['migration_tags']) ? (array) $migration['migration_tags'] : [];
return !in_array('Drupal 6', $tags);
* @} End of "addtogroup hooks".
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