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- updating changelog a little.

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drupal x.x.x, xx/xx/xxxx
drupal 4.0.0, xx/xx/xxxx
- added tracker.module:
* replaces the previous "your [site]" links.
- added weblogs.module.
- added weblogs.module.
* this will ping when new content is promoted.
- added taxonomy module which replaces the meta module.
* supports relations, hierarchies and synonyms.
- added a chaching system.
* speeds up pages for anonymous users and reduces system load.
- added support for external SMTP libraries.
- added an archive extension to the calendar.
- added blogger API support.
- themes:
* cleaned up the theme system.
* moved themes that are not maintained to contributions CVS repository.
......@@ -12,12 +20,33 @@ drupal x.x.x, xx/xx/xxxx
* using ANSI SQL queries to be more portable.
- rewrote the user system:
* added support for Drupal authentication through XML-RPC and through a Jabber server.
- various updates:
* improved the search system by making it context sensitive.
* added support for modules to add more user data.
* users may delete their own account.
* added who's new and who's online blocks.
- changed block system:
* various hard coded blocks are now dynamic.
* blocks can now be enabled and/or be set by the user.
* blocks can be set to ownly show up on some pages.
* merged box module with block module.
- rewrote large parts of the node system:
* fixed node retrieval based on titles.
* blogs can be updated.
* teasers (abstracts) on all node types.
* improved error checking and usability changes.
* revision support.
- improved book module to support text, html and php pages.
- added a general outliner which will let any node type be linked to a book.
- search:
* improved the search system by making it context sensitive.
* added proper indexing.
- various updates:
* changed output to valid XHTML.
* improved multiple sites using the same Drupal database support.
* added support for session ids in URLs instead of cookies.
* made front page a configuration setting.
* made each cloud site have its own settings.
* modules and themes can now be enabled/disabled using the administrative pages.
* usabilty changes (renamed links, better UI, etc)
drupal 3.0.1, 15/10/2001
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