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Issue #2559877 by alexpott, chx, swentel, davidhernandez, dawehner,...

Issue #2559877 by alexpott, chx, swentel, davidhernandez, dawehner, subhojit777: Quick editing a body field on Standard does not work
parent dcd59513
......@@ -63,7 +63,13 @@
// Store the actual value of this field. We'll need this to restore the
// original value when the user discards his modifications.
this.$textElement = this.$el.find('.field__item').eq(0);
var $fieldItems = this.$el.find('.field__item');
if ($fieldItems.length) {
this.$textElement = $fieldItems.eq(0);
else {
this.$textElement = this.$el;
this.model.set('originalValue', this.$textElement.html());
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