Commit b03932be authored by xjm's avatar xjm
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Issue #2457427 by Crell: Bad error handling of invalid Entity definition

parent bfdcc65a
......@@ -478,7 +478,7 @@ protected function buildBaseFieldDefinitions($entity_type_id) {
foreach (array_intersect_key($keys, array_flip(['id', 'revision', 'uuid', 'bundle'])) as $key => $field_name) {
if (!isset($base_field_definitions[$field_name])) {
throw new \LogicException(SafeMarkup::format('The @field field definition does not exist and it is used as @key entity key.', array(
'@field' => $base_field_definitions[$field_name]->getLabel(),
'@field' => $field_name,
'@key' => $key,
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