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Issue #2846830 by wturrell, Gábor Hojtsy, timmillwood, Wim Leers, webchick, cilefen, anavarre, dawehner, dagmar, naveenvalecha, xjm, jibran, effulgentsia, drpal: Add changelog for Drupal 8.3.0

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Drupal 8.3.0, 2017-04-05
- Added modules:
* Added the Workflows module (experimental) which abstracts transitions and
states from Content Moderation into a separate component for reuse by
other modules implementing non-publishing workflows.
* Added the Layout Discovery module (experimental) which provides an API for
modules or themes to register layouts.
* Added the Field Layout module (experimental) which provides the ability
for site builders to rearrange fields on content types, block types, etc.
into new regions, for both the form and display, on the same forms
provided by the normal field user interface.
- Updated vendor libraries:
* Updated to Twig 1.25.
* Updated to jQuery 2.2.4.
* Updated to CKEditor 4.6.2 (with new Moono-Lisa skin).
* Updated Symfony components to 2.8.18.
* Updated PHPUnit to 4.8.35.
* Applied patch-level updates to the latest versions for all dependencies
wherever possible. Minor updates applied for Symfony PSR-7 Bridge and
Zend Stdlib, which Drupal does not depend on directly.
- Browser support:
* Advance notice: Internet Explore 9 and 10 will no longer supported from
8.4.x, scheduled for October 2017. Microsoft has now ended support for
these browsers. Drupal will still support Internet Explorer 11 and its
replacement, Edge.
- Raised stability levels of experimental modules:
* Updated the BigPipe module from beta to stable.
* Updated the Migrate module from alpha to beta.
* See for more
information about the stability levels of experimental modules.
- Improved authoring features:
* Can now drag and drop images into image fields in Quick Edit mode.
* Image fields are now limited to only accepting images, so that users on
mobile clients are not offered a confusing and non-functional video
upload option.
* CKEditor now utilizes the AutoGrow plugin to better take advantage of
larger screen sizes.
- Improved site building and administration:
* Redesigned status report.
* Standardized display of Views overview page to more closely match that of
other administrative overview pages.
* Views filter order now matches the table column order below in Content
and People overview pages.
* The "Allowed HTML tags" input has been converted to a textarea, which
significantly improves the usability of HTML filter configuration.
* Removed the 'disabled' region from block administration.
* Incoming paths are again case-insensitive for routing, similar to earlier
major Drupal versions.
- Content Moderation improvements (experimental):
* Refactored to use new experimental Workflows module.
* Now supports moderation of non-translatable entity types.
* When reverting a moderated revision, the moderation state is now
reverted too.
* Added an API to create and enforce default workflow states and
* Allow moderation of entity types without bundles, as long as they have
* Publishes any entity type that implements EntityPublishedInterface, not
just Nodes.
- Migration improvements (experimental):
* Drupal 7 core node translations are now migrated to Drupal 8.
* Configuration translation support is added to migrations in general and
implemented for Drupal 6 user profile fields.
- Improved REST API and decoupled site features:
* REST API now supports the registering of users.
* Anonymous REST API performance increased by 60% by utilizing the internal
page cache.
* Improved the response bodies and status codes for requests with incorrect
request headers or request bodies, in dozens of situations.
* Massive overhaul of the test coverage.
* 403 responses now return reason why access was denied.
* Serialized values for Booleans and integers are now returned as the
correct data type, rather than incorrectly typed as strings.
- Improved performance/scalability:
* Optimized class loader detection made more generic to support class
loaders other than ApcClassLoader.
* ViewsData and Token info cache now use the default cache bin to prevent
APCu memory from being filled too quickly.
* Improve statistics performance by adding a swappable backend.
- Improved developer APIs:
* Deprecated several routing services in favor of two more unified services.
* Replaced the deprecated Symfony ExecutionContextInterface by subclassing
from ConstraintValidator to prepare for an update to Symfony 3.
* EntityPublishedInterface and EntityPublishedTrait have been added to give
a generic publishing API, and are being used by Node and Comment entity
* Added a collection label to EntityType. This is a plural uppercase label
for a collection of entities - e.g. "Workflows".
- Changed coding standards:
* Officially adopted short array syntax and updated all of core accordingly.
* PHP CodeSniffer and Drupal Coder have been added as composer dev
requirements, so they can be installed automatically with
`composer install --dev` rather than requiring separate installation. (Do
not use `composer install --dev` for production sites.)
* Most global constants in Drupal 8 have been deprecated in favor of class
constants. As a best practice, use appropriate class constants rather than
global constants.
- Testing improvements:
* Integrated PHPUnit verbose output in SimpleTest UI.
* Improved backward compatibility with WebTestBase.
* Improved backward compatibility between BrowserTestBase and WebTestBase.
* Many old WebTestBase tests have been moved to BrowserTestBase.
* Expanded automated test coverage for JavaScript.
- Package management:
* composer.json now uses the new official endpoint for modules and themes,
* Custom modules and themes can now be installed to correct locations using
* Added Package.json enabling new JavaScript language features.
Drupal 8.2.0, 2016-10-05
- Updated the git repository configuration to not normalize line endings for
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