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Issue #3158281 by paulocs, kiamlaluno, Hardik_Patel_12, greg.1.anderson:...

Issue #3158281 by paulocs, kiamlaluno, Hardik_Patel_12, greg.1.anderson: Unused local variables from ScaffoldTest.php file

(cherry picked from commit 5dd97b3a)
parent c804dae0
......@@ -190,7 +190,6 @@ public function testEmptyProject() {
public function testProjectThatScaffoldsEmptyProject() {
$fixture_name = 'project-allowing-empty-fixture';
$is_link = FALSE;
$result = $this->scaffoldSut($fixture_name, FALSE, FALSE);
$this->assertStringContainsString('The allowed package fixtures/empty-fixture does not provide a file mapping for Composer Scaffold', $result->scaffoldOutput());
$this->assertCommonDrupalAssetsWereScaffolded($result->docroot(), FALSE);
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