Commit af16eb80 authored by Gábor Hojtsy's avatar Gábor Hojtsy
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#204344 by marcingy: path aliases were not alled as default home page

parent 07d32d05
......@@ -1176,6 +1176,11 @@ function system_site_information_settings_validate($form, &$form_state) {
// Validate front page path.
$item = array('link_path' => $form_state['values']['site_frontpage']);
$normal_path = drupal_get_normal_path($item['link_path']);
if ($item['link_path'] != $normal_path) {
drupal_set_message(t('The menu system stores system paths only, but will use the URL alias for display. %link_path has been stored as %normal_path', array('%link_path' => $item['link_path'], '%normal_path' => $normal_path)));
$item['link_path'] = $normal_path;
if (!empty($item) && !menu_valid_path($item)) {
form_set_error('site_frontpage', t("The path '@path' is either invalid or you do not have access to it.", array('@path' => $item['link_path'])));
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