Commit aefad860 authored by webchick's avatar webchick

Issue #1182970 by mr.baileys: Improvements to hook_menu() documentation.

parent 9033673c
......@@ -964,9 +964,12 @@ function hook_menu_get_item_alter(&$router_item, $path, $original_map) {
* When path 'abc/def' is requested, the page callback function will get 'def'
* as the first argument and (always) 'foo' as the second argument.
* Note that if a page or theme callback function has an argument list array,
* these arguments will be passed first to the function, followed by any
* any arguments generated by optional path arguments as described above.
* If a page callback function uses an argument list array, and its path is
* requested with optional path arguments, then the list array's arguments are
* passed to the callback function first, followed by the optional path
* arguments. Using the above example, when path 'abc/def/bar/baz' is requested,
* mymodule_abc_view() will be called with 'def', 'foo', 'bar' and 'baz' as
* arguments, in that order.
* Special care should be taken for the page callback drupal_get_form(), because
* your specific form callback function will always receive $form and
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