Commit abfc89fb authored by webchick's avatar webchick

Issue #1961946 by TR | sayela: Fixed Simpletest module's #overlay ID causes CSS conflicts.

parent f796b122
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ function theme_simpletest_test_table($variables) {
// Make the class name safe for output on the page by replacing all
// non-word/decimal characters with a dash (-).
$test_class = strtolower(trim(preg_replace("/[^\w\d]/", "-", $key)));
$test_class = 'module-' . strtolower(trim(preg_replace("/[^\w\d]/", "-", $key)));
// Select the right "expand"/"collapse" image, depending on whether the
// category is expanded (at least one test selected) or not.
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