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Issue #1365234 by TravisCarden, amontero, bartmcpherson, xjm: Add description...

Issue #1365234 by TravisCarden, amontero, bartmcpherson, xjm: Add description to "access content overview" permission.
parent 9263a499
......@@ -1243,10 +1243,10 @@ function node_permission() {
'restrict access' => TRUE,
'access content overview' => array(
'title' => t('Access the content overview page'),
'description' => t('Access the content overview page at <a href="@url">admin/content</a>.', array(
'@url' => url('admin/content'),
'title' => t('Access the Content overview page'),
'description' => user_access('access content overview')
? t('Get an overview of <a href="@url">all content</a>.', array('@url' => url('admin/content')))
: t('Get an overview of all content.'),
'access content' => array(
'title' => t('View published content'),
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