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Added docblock for castValue

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......@@ -126,6 +126,22 @@ public function set($key, $value) {
return $this;
* Casts a saved value to a string.
* The configuration system only saves strings or arrays. Any scalar
* non-string value is cast to a string. The one exception is boolean FALSE
* which would normally become '' when cast to a string, but is manually
* cast to '0' here for convenience and consistency.
* Any non-scalar value that is not an array (aka objects) gets cast
* to an array.
* @param $value
* A value being saved into the configuration system.
* @param $value
* The value cast to a string or array.
public function castValue($value) {
if (is_scalar($value)) {
// Handle special case of FALSE, which should be '0' instead of ''.
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