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Issue #1912650 by babruix, dawehner, thsutton, mitron: Document views pager plugin base

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* The base plugin to handle pager.
* Pager plugins take care of everything regarding pagers, including getting
* and setting the total number of items to render the pager and setting the
* global pager arrays.
* To define a pager type, extend this base class. The ViewsPluginManager (used
* to create views plugins objects) adds annotated discovery for pager plugins.
* Your pager plugin must have an annotation that includes the plugin's metadata,
* for example:
* @code
* @ Plugin(
* id = "demo_pager",
* title = @ Translation("Display a demonstration pager"),
* help = @ Translation("Demonstrate pagination of views items."),
* theme = "views_demo_pager"
* )
* @endcode
* Remove spaces after @ in your actual plugin - these are put into this sample
* code so that it is not recognized as annotation.
* The plugin annotation contains these components:
* - id: The unique identifier of your pager plugin.
* - title: The "full" title for your pager type; used in the views UI.
* - short_title: (optional) The "short" title for your pager type;
* used in the views UI when specified.
* - help: (optional) A short help string; this is displayed in the views UI.
* - theme: The theme function used to render the pager's output.
* @see \Drupal\views\Plugin\ViewsPluginManager
abstract class PagerPluginBase extends PluginBase {
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