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Issue #1909878 by damiankloip, tim.plunkett: Fixed statuses for cached...

Issue #1909878 by damiankloip, tim.plunkett: Fixed statuses for cached (tempstore) views data in views_ui().
parent 5ff8ffbf
* @file
* Contains \Drupal\views\Tests\UI\CachedDataUITest.
namespace Drupal\views\Tests\UI;
* Tests the user tempstore cache in the UI.
class CachedDataUITest extends UITestBase {
* Views used by this test.
* @var array
public static $testViews = array('test_view');
public static function getInfo() {
return array(
'name' => 'Cached data',
'description' => 'Tests the user tempstore object caching in the UI.',
'group' => 'Views UI',
* Tests the user tempstore views data in the UI.
public function testCacheData() {
$controller = $this->container->get('views_ui.controller');
$view = entity_load('view', 'test_view');
$view_cache = $controller->getViewUI($view);
// The view should not be locked.
$this->assertFalse($view_cache->locked, 'The view is not locked.');
// Make sure we have 'changes' to the view.
$this->drupalPost('admin/structure/views/nojs/display/test_view/default/title', array(), t('Apply'));
$this->assertText('* All changes are stored temporarily. Click Save to make your changes permanent. Click Cancel to discard your changes.', 'The view has been changed.');
$view_cache = $controller->getViewUI($view);
// The view should be enabled.
$this->assertTrue($view_cache->status(), ' The view is enabled.');
// The view should now be locked.
$this->assertTrue($view_cache->locked, 'The view is locked.');
// Change the status of the view.
// Load the tempstore data again and check test the status.
$view_cache = $controller->getViewUI($view);
// The view should be disabled.
$this->assertFalse($view_cache->status(), 'The cached view is disabled.');
// Login with another user and make sure the view is locked and break.
// Test we have the break lock link.
// Break the lock.
$this->clickLink(t('break this lock'));
// Test we can save the view.
$this->drupalPost('admin/structure/views/view/test_view/edit', array(), t('Save'));
$this->assertText(t('The view test_view has been saved.'));
......@@ -390,7 +390,12 @@ public function ajaxForm($js, $key, ViewStorageInterface $view, $display_id, $ty
public function getViewUI(ViewStorageInterface $view) {
$view_ui = new ViewUI($view);
if ($new_view = $this->tempStore->get($view_ui->id())) {
$new_view->set('disabled', $view_ui->get('disabled'));
if ($view_ui->status()) {
else {
else {
$new_view = $view_ui;
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