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Issue #2706113 by alexpott: Disable Drupal\Tests\Listeners\HtmlOutputPrinter...

Issue #2706113 by alexpott: Disable Drupal\Tests\Listeners\HtmlOutputPrinter by default because PHPStorm is broken
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- TODO set checkForUnintentionallyCoveredCode="true" once is resolved. -->
<!-- TODO set printerClass="\Drupal\Tests\Listeners\HtmlOutputPrinter" once is resolved. Drupal provides a
result printer that links to the html output results for functional tests.
Unfortunately, this breaks the output of PHPStorm's PHPUnit runner. However, if
using the command line you can add
- -printer="\Drupal\Tests\Listeners\HtmlOutputPrinter" to use it (note there
should be no spaces between the hyphens).
<phpunit bootstrap="tests/bootstrap.php" colors="true"
<!-- Set error reporting to E_ALL. -->
<ini name="error_reporting" value="32767"/>
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