Commit 9e5878ae authored by Steven Wittens's avatar Steven Wittens

- Fixed "administer" not being locale'd. (req. by Gerhard)

parent 3b35b435
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ function theme_account($theme) {
$content .= "<P>\n";
if (user_access($user)) {
$content .= "<LI><A HREF=\"admin.php\">administer ". variable_get("site_name", "drupal") ."</A></LI>\n";
$content .= "<LI><A HREF=\"admin.php\">". strtr(t("administer %a"), array("%a" => variable_get("site_name", "drupal"))) ."</A></LI>\n";
$content .= "<P>\n";
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