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Issue #2902707 by Jo Fitzgerald, mpdonadio, Adita, gambry, JayKandari,...

Issue #2902707 by Jo Fitzgerald, mpdonadio, Adita, gambry, JayKandari, jhedstrom, refman1073: Document magic methods in DateTimePlus and DrupalDateTime using phpDoc @method
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......@@ -23,6 +23,19 @@
* errors are. This is less disruptive than allowing datetime exceptions
* to abort processing. The calling script can decide what to do about
* errors using hasErrors() and getErrors().
* @method $this add(\DateInterval $interval)
* @method static array getLastErrors()
* @method $this modify(string $modify)
* @method $this setDate(int $year, int $month, int $day)
* @method $this setISODate(int $year, int $week, int $day = 1)
* @method $this setTime(int $hour, int $minute, int $second = 0, int $microseconds = 0)
* @method $this setTimestamp(int $unixtimestamp)
* @method $this setTimezone(\DateTimeZone $timezone)
* @method $this sub(\DateInterval $interval)
* @method int getOffset()
* @method int getTimestamp()
* @method \DateTimeZone getTimezone()
class DateTimePlus {
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