Commit 9c832e4c authored by webchick's avatar webchick

Issue #634616 by effulgentsia, rfay, sun: Fixed Various problems due to AJAX...

Issue #634616 by effulgentsia, rfay, sun: Fixed Various problems due to AJAX binding to mousedown instead of click.
parent c5306431
......@@ -619,13 +619,24 @@ function ajax_pre_render_element($element) {
case 'submit':
case 'button':
case 'image_button':
// Use the mousedown instead of the click event because form
// submission via pressing the enter key triggers a click event on
// submit inputs, inappropriately triggering Ajax behaviors.
// Pressing the ENTER key within a textfield triggers the click event of
// the form's first submit button. Triggering Ajax in this situation
// leads to problems, like breaking autocomplete textfields, so we bind
// to mousedown instead of click.
// @see
$element['#ajax']['event'] = 'mousedown';
// Attach an additional event handler so that Ajax behaviors
// can be triggered still via keyboard input.
// Retain keyboard accessibility by setting 'keypress'. This causes
// ajax.js to trigger 'event' when SPACE or ENTER are pressed while the
// button has focus.
$element['#ajax']['keypress'] = TRUE;
// Binding to mousedown rather than click means that it is possible to
// trigger a click by pressing the mouse, holding the mouse button down
// until the Ajax request is complete and the button is re-enabled, and
// then releasing the mouse button. Set 'prevent' so that ajax.js binds
// an additional handler to prevent such a click from triggering a
// non-Ajax form submission. This also prevents a textfield's ENTER
// press triggering this button's non-Ajax form submission behavior.
$element['#ajax']['prevent'] = 'click';
case 'password':
......@@ -182,10 +182,17 @@ Drupal.ajax = function (base, element, element_settings) {
// can be triggered through keyboard input as well as e.g. a mousedown
// action.
if (element_settings.keypress) {
$(element_settings.element).keypress(function (event) {
$(ajax.element).keypress(function (event) {
return ajax.keypressResponse(this, event);
// If necessary, prevent the browser default action of an additional event.
// For example, prevent the browser default action of a click, even if the
// AJAX behavior binds to mousedown.
if (element_settings.prevent) {
$(ajax.element).bind(element_settings.prevent, false);
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