Commit 9b15f640 authored by Angie Byron's avatar Angie Byron
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Issue #1166388 by pillarsdotnet: Fixed Regression: user_mail_tokens() needs docs.

parent 8cf8f223
......@@ -2709,8 +2709,21 @@ function _user_mail_text($key, $language = NULL, $variables = array(), $replace
* Token callback to add unsafe tokens for user mails.
* @see _user_mail_text()
* @see user_mail()
* This function is used by the token_replace() call at the end of
* _user_mail_text() to set up some additional tokens that can be
* used in email messages generated by user_mail().
* @param $replacements
* An associative array variable containing mappings from token names to
* values (for use with strtr()).
* @param $data
* An associative array of token replacement values. If the 'user' element
* exists, it must contain a user account object with the following
* properties:
* - login: The account login name.
* - pass: The hashed account login password.
* @param $options
* Unused parameter required by the token_replace() function.
function user_mail_tokens(&$replacements, $data, $options) {
if (isset($data['user'])) {
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