Commit 9ad64a3a authored by webchick's avatar webchick
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#705310 follow-up by Berdir: Remove tests for no longer existing code.

parent 8339e790
......@@ -214,27 +214,6 @@ class DBLogTestCase extends DrupalWebTestCase {
// We need to POST here to invoke batch_process() in the internal browser.
$this->drupalPost('user/' . $user->uid . '/cancel', array('user_cancel_method' => 'user_cancel_reassign'), t('Cancel account'));
// Count rows that have uids for the user.
$count = db_query('SELECT COUNT(wid) FROM {watchdog} WHERE uid = :uid', array(':uid' => $user->uid))->fetchField();
$this->assertTrue($count == 0, t('DBLog contains @count records for @name', array('@count' => $count, '@name' => $user->name)));
// Count rows in watchdog that previously related to the deleted user.
$select = db_select('watchdog');
$select->condition('uid', 0);
if ($ids) {
$select->condition('wid', $ids, 'IN');
$count_after = $select->execute()->fetchField();
$this->assertTrue($count_after == $count_before, t('DBLog contains @count records for @name that now have uid = 0', array('@count' => $count_before, '@name' => $user->name)));
// Fetch row ids in watchdog that relate to the user.
$result = db_query('SELECT wid FROM {watchdog} WHERE uid = :uid', array(':uid' => $user->uid));
foreach ($result as $row) {
$ids[] = $row->wid;
$this->assertTrue(!isset($ids), t('DBLog contains no records for @name', array('@name' => $user->name)));
// View the dblog report.
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