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- Patch #819476 by kiamlaluno, jhodgdon: book_form_update() parameters were not correct.

parent fc22149f
......@@ -219,19 +219,15 @@ function book_remove_form_submit($form, &$form_state) {
* AJAX callback to replace the book parent select options.
* Renders a new parent page select element when the book selection changes.
* This function is called when the selected book is changed. It updates the
* cached form (either the node form or the book outline form) and returns
* rendered output to be used to replace the select containing the possible
* parent pages in the newly selected book.
* This function is called via AJAX when the selected book is changed on a node
* or book outline form. It creates a new parent page select element, adds it
* to the cached form, and then returns the rendered element so it can be
* displayed on the form.
* @param $build_id
* The form's build_id.
* @param $bid
* A bid from from among those in the form's book select.
* @return
* Prints the replacement HTML in JSON format.
* The rendered parent page select element.
function book_form_update() {
// Load the form based upon the $_POST data sent via the ajax call.
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