Commit 98df60e7 authored by webchick's avatar webchick
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#357799 by unexpand and Heine: Clarify return value of drupal_render() function.

parent 3d0262fd
......@@ -4910,6 +4910,13 @@ function drupal_render_page($page) {
* using uasort(). Since this is expensive, when passing already sorted
* elements to drupal_render(), for example from a database query, set
* $elements['#sorted'] = TRUE to avoid sorting them a second time.
* drupal_render() flags each element with a '#printed' status to indicate that
* the element has been rendered, which allows individual elements of a given
* array to be rendered independently and prevents them from being rendered
* more than once on subsequent calls to drupal_render() (e.g., as part of a
* larger array). If the same array or array element is passed more than once
* to drupal_render(), it simply returns a NULL value.
* @param $elements
* The structured array describing the data to be rendered.
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