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#372766 by jhodgdon: Clarify documentation for user_save().

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......@@ -313,16 +313,19 @@ function user_load_by_name($name) {
* Save changes to a user account or add a new user.
* @param $account
* The $user object for the user to modify or add. If $user->uid is
* omitted (or $user->is_new == TRUE), a new user will be added.
* (optional) The user object to modify or add. If you want to modify
* an existing user account, you will need to ensure that (a) $account
* is an object, and (b) you have set $account->uid to the numeric
* user ID of the user account you wish to modify. If you
* want to create a new user account, you can set $account->is_new to
* TRUE or omit the $account->uid field.
* @param $edit
* An array of fields and values to save. For example array('name'
* => 'My name'). Keys that do not belong to columns in the user-related
* tables are added to the a serialized array in the 'data' column
* and will be loaded in the $user->data array by user_load().
* Setting a field to NULL deletes it from the data column.
* Setting a field to NULL deletes it from the data column, if you are
* modifying an existing user account.
* @param $category
* (optional) The category for storing profile information in.
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