Commit 95dc4dde authored by Dries's avatar Dries

- Patch #736066 by effulgentsia, casey, yched, peterpoe: ajax.js insert...

- Patch #736066 by effulgentsia, casey, yched, peterpoe: ajax.js insert command wraps content in a div.
parent 973562ff
......@@ -365,9 +365,27 @@ Drupal.ajax.prototype.commands = {
var method = response.method || ajax.method;
var effect = ajax.getEffect(response);
// Manually insert HTML into the jQuery object, using $() directly crashes
// Safari with long string lengths.
var new_content = $('<div></div>').html(;
// We don't know what contains: it might be a string of text
// without HTML, so don't rely on jQuery correctly iterpreting
// $( as new HTML rather than a CSS selector. Also, if
// contains top-level text nodes, they get lost with either
// $( or $('<div></div>').replaceWith(
var new_content_wrapped = $('<div></div>').html(;
var new_content = new_content_wrapped.contents();
// For legacy reasons, the effects processing code assumes that new_content
// consists of a single top-level element. Also, it has not been
// sufficiently tested whether attachBehaviors() can be successfully called
// with a context object that includes top-level text nodes. However, to
// give developers full control of the HTML appearing in the page, and to
// enable AJAX content to be inserted in places where DIV elements are not
// allowed (e.g., within TABLE, TR, and SPAN parents), we check if the new
// content satisfies the requirement of a single top-level element, and
// only use the container DIV created above when it doesn't. For more
// information, please see
if (new_content.length != 1 || new_content.get(0).nodeType != 1) {
new_content = new_content_wrapped;
// If removing content from the wrapper, detach behaviors first.
switch (method) {
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