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- Patch #793388 by StuartJNCC, David_Rothstein: attempting to update D6 to D7...

- Patch #793388 by StuartJNCC, David_Rothstein: attempting to update D6 to D7 without PDO enabled causes WSOD.
parent 810a5957
......@@ -99,6 +99,23 @@ function update_prepare_d7_bootstrap() {
// that occur by creating a static list.
$GLOBALS['conf']['blocked_ips'] = array();
// Check that PDO is available and that the correct PDO database driver is
// loaded. Bootstrapping to DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_DATABASE will result in a fatal
// error otherwise.
$message = '';
// Check that PDO is loaded.
if (!extension_loaded('pdo')) {
$message = '<h2>PDO is required!</h2><p>Drupal 7 requires PHP ' . DRUPAL_MINIMUM_PHP . ' or higher with the PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension enabled.</p>';
// Check that the correct driver is loaded for the database being updated.
elseif (!in_array($databases['default']['default']['driver'], PDO::getAvailableDrivers())) {
$message = '<h2>A PDO database driver is required!</h2><p>You need to enable the PDO_' . strtoupper($databases['default']['default']['driver']) . ' database driver for PHP ' . DRUPAL_MINIMUM_PHP . ' or higher so that Drupal 7 can access the database.</p>';
if ($message) {
print $message . '<p>See the <a href="">system requirements page</a> for more information.</p>';
// Allow the database system to work even if the registry has not been
// created yet.
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