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- Updated CHANGELOG at a best effort basis.  If someone would like to go
  over it to check for typos, missing information or confusing entries -
  don't hesitate to do so.
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drupal x.xx, xx/xx/xxxx (CVS, unstable)
drupal 3.00, 15/09/2001
- major overhaul of the entire underlying design:
* everything is based on nodes: nodes are a conceptual "black box" to couple and manage different types of content and that promotes reusing existing code, thus reducing the complexity and size of drupal as well as improving long-term stability.
......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ drupal x.xx, xx/xx/xxxx (CVS, unstable)
- added caching support which makes Drupal extremely scalable.
- added access.module:
* allows you to setup 'roles' (groups) and to bind a set of permissions to each group.
- added blog.module.
- added poll.module.
- added system.module:
* moved most of the configuration options from hostname.conf to the new administration section.
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