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Issue #2914379 by alexpott: Remove minimal_install(), ship with default configuration instead

parent a58ee8d6
mimetype: image/
path: ''
url: ''
use_default: true
comment_user_picture: true
comment_user_verification: true
favicon: true
node_user_picture: false
path: ''
url: ''
use_default: true
anonymous: Anonymous
verify_mail: true
cancel_confirm: true
password_reset: true
status_activated: true
status_blocked: false
status_canceled: false
register_admin_created: true
register_no_approval_required: true
register_pending_approval: true
register: visitors_admin_approval
cancel_method: user_cancel_block
password_reset_timeout: 86400
password_strength: true
langcode: en
* @file
* Install, update and uninstall functions for the minimal installation profile.
* Implements hook_install().
* Performs actions to set up the site for this profile.
* @see system_install()
function minimal_install() {
// Disable the user pictures on nodes.
\Drupal::configFactory()->getEditable('')->set('features.node_user_picture', FALSE)->save(TRUE);
// Allow visitor account creation, but with administrative approval.
\Drupal::configFactory()->getEditable('user.settings')->set('register', USER_REGISTER_VISITORS_ADMINISTRATIVE_APPROVAL)->save(TRUE);
......@@ -37,6 +37,10 @@ public function testMinimal() {
// Ensure that there are no pending entity updates after installation.
$this->assertFalse($this->container->get('entity.definition_update_manager')->needsUpdates(), 'After installation, entity schema is up to date.');
// Ensure special configuration overrides are correct.
$this->assertFalse($this->config('')->get('features.node_user_picture'), 'Configuration is FALSE.');
$this->assertEquals(USER_REGISTER_VISITORS_ADMINISTRATIVE_APPROVAL, $this->config('user.settings')->get('register'));
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