Commit 8c5ae652 authored by webchick's avatar webchick
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Issue #2226805 by ChandeepKhosa | Cottser: Remove unneeded code from template_preprocess_field().

parent 5105b52e
......@@ -2407,16 +2407,6 @@ function template_preprocess_field(&$variables, $hook) {
if (!isset($default_attributes)) {
$default_attributes = new Attribute;
// The default theme implementation for fields is a function.
// template_preprocess() (which initializes the attributes, title_attributes,
// and content_attributes arrays) does not run for theme function
// implementations. Additionally, Attribute objects for the three variables
// below only get instantiated for template file implementations, and we need
// Attribute objects for printing in both theme functions and template files.
// For best performance, we only instantiate Attribute objects when needed.
$variables['attributes'] = isset($variables['attributes']) ? new Attribute($variables['attributes']) : clone $default_attributes;
$variables['title_attributes'] = isset($variables['title_attributes']) ? new Attribute($variables['title_attributes']) : clone($default_attributes);
$variables['content_attributes'] = isset($variables['content_attributes']) ? new Attribute($variables['content_attributes']) : clone($default_attributes);
// Modules (e.g., rdf.module) can add field item attributes (to
// $item->_attributes) within hook_entity_prepare_view(). Some field
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