Commit 8b5bcb2a authored by catch's avatar catch

Issue #1336170 by rvilar, Gábor Hojtsy: Fixed Incorrect schema in locale module update tests .

parent 1b4dfed4
......@@ -257,6 +257,26 @@ function locale_update_8001() {
db_drop_field('languages', 'javascript');
* Drop textgroup support.
* Update assumes i18n migrated this data before the update happened. Core
* never used textgroups for anything, so it is not our job to find place
* for the data elsewhere.
function locale_update_8002() {
$subquery = db_select('locales_source', 'ls')
->fields('ls', array('lid'))
->condition('ls.textgroup', 'default', '<>');
->condition('lid', $subquery, 'IN')
->condition('textgroup', 'default', '<>')
db_drop_field('locales_source', 'textgroup');
* @} End of "addtogroup updates-7.x-to-8.x"
* The next series of updates should start at 9000.
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