Commit 8b23810c authored by damiankloip's avatar damiankloip Committed by tim.plunkett
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Updated comments in ViewsStorageTest

parent ff25778e
......@@ -52,14 +52,16 @@ function testConfigEntityCRUD() {
// Test an info array has been returned.
$this->assertTrue(!empty($info) && is_array($info), 'View entity info array loaded.');
// Test we have the correct controller class.
// Confirm we have the correct controller class.
$this->assertTrue($controller instanceof ViewStorageController, 'Correct entity controller loaded.');
// Loading.
//Load a single config entity.
$load = $controller->load(array('archive'));
$view = reset($load);
// Check it's a view.
// Confirm it's a view.
$this->assertTrue($view instanceof View, 'Single View instance loaded.');
// Check that the View contains all of the properties.
......@@ -73,16 +75,22 @@ function testConfigEntityCRUD() {
$this->assertEqual(array_keys($view->display), $expected_displays, 'Correct display names present.');
foreach ($view->display as $key => $display) {
// Confirm it's a ViewDisplay object.
$this->assertTrue($display instanceof ViewsDisplay, t('Display: @display is instance of ViewsDisplay.', array('@display' => $key)));
// Check the display ID array key and object property match.
$this->assertEqual($key, $display->id, 'The display has the correct ID.');
// Check display options array exists on the ViewsDisplay.
$display_options = $display->display_options;
$this->assertTrue(!empty($display_options) && is_array($display_options), 'Display options exist.');
// Load all config entities.
$all_entities = $controller->load();
// Get a list of all existing default view config.
$all_config = config_get_storage_names_with_prefix('views.view');
// Remove 'views.view.' prefix from config names for comparision with
// loaded config entities.
$prefix_map = function ($value) {
$parts = explode('.', $value);
return end($parts);
......@@ -91,6 +99,7 @@ function testConfigEntityCRUD() {
// Check correct number of entities have been loaded.
$count = count($all_entities);
$this->assertEqual($count, count($all_config), t('Array of all @count entities loaded.', array('@count' => $count)));
// Check all of these machine names match.
$this->assertIdentical(array_keys($all_entities), array_map($prefix_map, $all_config), 'All loaded elements match.');
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