Commit 89e4c42b authored by katbailey's avatar katbailey Committed by effulgentsia

Fixing the update number in system.install

parent c17d7dce
namespace Drupal\system;
use Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Exception\AccessDeniedHttpException;
use Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Exception\NotFoundHttpException;
* Controller class for private file downloads.
class FileDownload {
* Page callback: Handles private file transfers.
* Call modules that implement hook_file_download() to find out if a file is
* accessible and what headers it should be transferred with. If one or more
* modules returned headers the download will start with the returned headers.
* If a module returns -1 an AccessDeniedHttpException will be thrown.
* If the file exists but no modules responded an AccessDeniedHttpException will
* be thrown.If the file does not exist a NotFoundHttpException will be thrown.
* @see hook_file_download()
public function download() {
// Merge remaining path arguments into relative file path.
$args = func_get_args();
$scheme = array_shift($args);
$target = implode('/', $args);
$uri = $scheme . '://' . $target;
if (file_stream_wrapper_valid_scheme($scheme) && file_exists($uri)) {
// Let other modules provide headers and controls access to the file.
// module_invoke_all() uses array_merge_recursive() which merges header
// values into a new array. To avoid that and allow modules to override
// headers instead, use array_merge() to merge the returned arrays.
$headers = array();
foreach (module_implements('file_download') as $module) {
$function = $module . '_file_download';
$result = $function($uri);
if ($result == -1) {
throw new AccessDeniedHttpException();
if (isset($result) && is_array($result)) {
$headers = array_merge($headers, $result);
if (count($headers)) {
return file_transfer($uri, $headers);
throw new AccessDeniedHttpException();
throw new NotFoundHttpException();
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