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#698978 by jhodgdon: Make documentation for flood_is_allowed() gender-neutral.

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......@@ -1148,22 +1148,25 @@ function flood_clear_event($name, $identifier = NULL) {
* Check if the current visitor is allowed to proceed with the specified event.
* Checks whether user is allowed to proceed with the specified event.
* The user is allowed to proceed if he did not trigger the specified event more
* than $threshold times in the specified time window.
* Events can have thresholds saying that each user can only do that event
* a certain number of times in a time window. This function verifies that the
* current user has not exceeded this threshold.
* @param $name
* The name of the event.
* The unique name of the event.
* @param $threshold
* The maximum number of the specified event allowed per time window.
* The maximum number of times each user can do this event per time window.
* @param $window
* Optional number of seconds over which to look for events. Defaults to
* 3600 (1 hour).
* Number of seconds in the time window for this event (default is 3600
* seconds, or 1 hour).
* @param $identifier
* Optional identifier (defaults to the current user's IP address).
* Unique identifier of the current user. Defaults to their IP address.
* @return
* True if the user did not exceed the hourly threshold. False otherwise.
* TRUE if the user is allowed to proceed. FALSE if they have exceeded the
* threshold and should not be allowed to proceed.
function flood_is_allowed($name, $threshold, $window = 3600, $identifier = NULL) {
if (!isset($identifier)) {
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