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Issue #1337124 by xjm: Fixed Improve API documentation for taxonomy_autocomplete().

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......@@ -77,7 +77,35 @@ function taxonomy_term_feed($term) {
* Helper function for autocompletion
* Page callback: Outputs JSON for taxonomy autocomplete suggestions.
* Path: taxonomy/autocomplete
* This callback outputs term name suggestions in response to Ajax requests
* made by the taxonomy autocomplete widget for taxonomy term reference
* fields. The output is a JSON object of plain-text term suggestions, keyed by
* the user-entered value with the completed term name appended. Term names
* containing commas are wrapped in quotes.
* For example, suppose the user has entered the string 'red fish, blue' in the
* field, and there are two taxonomy terms, 'blue fish' and 'blue moon'. The
* JSON output would have the following structure:
* @code
* {
* "red fish, blue fish": "blue fish",
* "red fish, blue moon": "blue moon",
* };
* @endcode
* @param $field_name
* The name of the term reference field.
* @param $tags_typed
* (optional) A comma-separated list of term names entered in the
* autocomplete form element. Only the last term is used for autocompletion.
* Defaults to '' (an empty string).
* @see taxonomy_menu()
* @see taxonomy_field_widget_info()
function taxonomy_autocomplete($field_name, $tags_typed = '') {
$field = field_info_field($field_name);
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