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Issue #2177335 by drintios, idebr, czigor, oo0shiny, bdimaggio, samiullah,...

Issue #2177335 by drintios, idebr, czigor, oo0shiny, bdimaggio, samiullah, alexpott: Selecting 'Disabled' does not move the block to the disabled region when there are no disabled blocks
parent 96838913
......@@ -197,14 +197,21 @@
// Make our new row and select field.
var row = $(this).closest('tr');
var select = $(this);
// Find the correct region and insert the row as the last in the
// region.
table.find('.region-' + select[0].value + '-message').nextUntil('.region-message').eq(-1).before(row);
tableDrag.rowObject = new tableDrag.row(row[0]);
var region_message = table.find('.region-' + select[0].value + '-message');
var region_items = region_message.nextUntil('.region-message, .region-title');
if (region_items.length) {
// We found that region_message is the last row.
else {
updateBlockWeights(table, select[0].value);
// Modify empty regions with added or removed fields.
checkEmptyRegions(table, row);
checkEmptyRegions(table, tableDrag.rowObject);
// Update last placed block indication.
updateLastPlaced(table, row);
// Show unsaved changes warning.
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