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- Patch #765860 by effulgentsia, dww, dereine, mikey_p, xjm, sun, sven.lauer:...

- Patch #765860 by effulgentsia, dww, dereine, mikey_p, xjm, sun, sven.lauer: drupal_alter() fails to order modules correctly in some cases.
parent 5c6a1c71
......@@ -953,10 +953,24 @@ function drupal_alter($type, &$data, &$context1 = NULL, &$context2 = NULL) {
// If any modules implement one of the extra hooks that do not implement
// the primary hook, we need to add them to the $modules array in their
// appropriate order.
// appropriate order. module_implements() can only return ordered
// implementations of a single hook. To get the ordered implementations
// of multiple hooks, we mimic the module_implements() logic of first
// ordering by module_list(), and then calling
// drupal_alter('module_implements').
if (array_diff($extra_modules, $modules)) {
// Order the modules by the order returned by module_list().
// Merge the arrays and order by module_list().
$modules = array_intersect(module_list(), array_merge($modules, $extra_modules));
// Since module_implements() already took care of loading the necessary
// include files, we can safely pass FALSE for the array values.
$implementations = array_fill_keys($modules, FALSE);
// Let modules adjust the order solely based on the primary hook. This
// ensures the same module order regardless of whether this if block
// runs. Calling drupal_alter() recursively in this way does not result
// in an infinite loop, because this call is for a single $type, so we
// won't end up in this code block again.
drupal_alter('module_implements', $implementations, $hook);
$modules = array_keys($implementations);
foreach ($modules as $module) {
// Since $modules is a merged array, for any given module, we do not
......@@ -56,6 +56,14 @@ class DrupalAlterTestCase extends DrupalWebTestCase {
$this->assertEqual($array_copy, $array_expected, t('First argument to drupal_alter() was altered.'));
$this->assertEqual($entity_copy, $entity_expected, t('Second argument to drupal_alter() was altered.'));
$this->assertEqual($array2_copy, $array2_expected, t('Third argument to drupal_alter() was altered.'));
// Verify alteration order when passing an array of types to drupal_alter().
// common_test_module_implements_alter() places 'block' implementation after
// other modules.
$array_copy = $array;
$array_expected = array('foo' => 'Drupal block theme');
drupal_alter(array('drupal_alter', 'drupal_alter_foo'), $array_copy);
$this->assertEqual($array_copy, $array_expected, t('hook_TYPE_alter() implementations ran in correct order.'));
......@@ -187,6 +187,34 @@ function bartik_drupal_alter_alter(&$data, &$arg2 = NULL, &$arg3 = NULL) {
* Implements hook_TYPE_alter() on behalf of block module.
* This is for verifying that drupal_alter(array(TYPE1, TYPE2), ...) allows
* hook_module_implements_alter() to affect the order in which module
* implementations are executed.
function block_drupal_alter_foo_alter(&$data, &$arg2 = NULL, &$arg3 = NULL) {
$data['foo'] .= ' block';
* Implements hook_module_implements_alter().
* @see block_drupal_alter_foo_alter()
function common_test_module_implements_alter(&$implementations, $hook) {
// For drupal_alter(array('drupal_alter', 'drupal_alter_foo'), ...), make the
// block module implementations run after all the other modules. Note that
// when drupal_alter() is called with an array of types, the first type is
// considered primary and controls the module order.
if ($hook == 'drupal_alter_alter' && isset($implementations['block'])) {
$group = $implementations['block'];
$implementations['block'] = $group;
* Implements hook_theme().
......@@ -1467,6 +1467,15 @@ function hook_mail_alter(&$message) {
* hook in order to reorder the implementing modules, which are otherwise
* ordered by the module's system weight.
* Note that hooks invoked using drupal_alter() can have multiple variations
* (such as hook_form_alter() and hook_form_FORM_ID_alter()). drupal_alter()
* will call all such variants defined by a single module in turn. For the
* purposes of hook_module_implements_alter(), these variants are treated as
* a single hook. Thus, to ensure that your implementation of
* hook_form_FORM_ID_alter() is called at the right time, you will have to
* have to change the order of hook_form_alter() implementation in
* hook_module_implements_alter().
* @param $implementations
* An array keyed by the module's name. The value of each item corresponds
* to a $group, which is usually FALSE, unless the implementation is in a
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