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Issue #2895059 by naveenvalecha, marcoscano, seanB, xjm, Berdir: Move media...

Issue #2895059 by naveenvalecha, marcoscano, seanB, xjm, Berdir: Move media module out of Core (Experimental) package and into the Core package, but mark it hidden
parent 40d1a11b
name: Media
description: 'Create reusable media.'
type: module
package: Core (Experimental)
package: Core
version: VERSION
core: 8.x
hidden: true
- file
- image
......@@ -29,14 +29,20 @@ protected function setUp() {
public function testReinstallAfterUninstall() {
$page = $this->getSession()->getPage();
$assert_session = $this->assertSession();
// Uninstall the media module.
$this->container->get('module_installer')->uninstall(['media'], FALSE);
// Install the media module again, through a test module that depends on it.
// Note: We use a test module because in 8.4 the media module is hidden.
// @todo Simplify this in once it's
// shown again.
// @todo Remove this if-statement in
if ($page->find('css', 'h1')->getText() == 'Are you sure you wish to enable experimental modules?') {
$assert_session->pageTextContains('Some required modules must be enabled');
$this->assertSession()->pageTextNotContains('could not be moved/copied because a file by that name already exists in the destination directory');
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