Commit 81591038 authored by Dries's avatar Dries

- Added a "alt" attribute to the logo for sake of accessibility.
parent ad5fb6cd
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ function xtemplate_settings() {
$output = form_select(t("Sidebar placement"), "xtemplate_sidebar", variable_get("xtemplate_sidebar", "right"), array("none" => t("No sidebars"), "left" => t("Sidebar on the left"), "right" => t("Sidebar on the right"), "both" => t("Sidebar on the left and the right")));
$output .= form_textarea(t("Message on front page"), "xtemplate_message", variable_get("xtemplate_message", "edit message"), 70, 6, t("This text will be displayed on the front page. It can be used to display a mission statement, announcement or site description.."));
$output .= form_textfield(t("Stylesheet URL"), "xtemplate_stylesheet", variable_get("xtemplate_stylesheet", "themes/xtemplate/xtemplate.css"), 100, 300, t("The URL for your theme's cascading stylesheet."));
$output .= form_textarea(t("Logo"), "xtemplate_logo", variable_get("xtemplate_logo", "<img src=\"themes/xtemplate/images/druplicon.gif\" />"), 70, 4, t("The HTML code for displaying the logo."));
$output .= form_textarea(t("Logo"), "xtemplate_logo", variable_get("xtemplate_logo", "<img src=\"themes/xtemplate/images/druplicon.gif\" alt=\"Druplicon\" />"), 70, 4, t("The HTML code for displaying the logo."));
$output .= form_textarea(t("Primary links"), "xtemplate_primary_links", variable_get("xtemplate_primary_links", l("edit primary links", "admin/system/themes/xtemplate")), 70, 8, t("The HTML code for the primary links."));
$output .= form_textarea(t("Secondary links"), "xtemplate_secondary_links", variable_get("xtemplate_secondary_links", l("edit secondary links", "admin/system/themes/xtemplate")), 70, 8, t("The HTML code for the secondary links."));
$output .= form_select(t("Search box"), "xtemplate_search_box", variable_get("xtemplate_search_box", 0), array(t("Disabled"), t("Enabled")), t("Show a search box in the upper right corner."));
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