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......@@ -7,14 +7,16 @@ drupal x.xx, xx/xx/xxxx (CVS, unstable)
- removed ban module and integrated it into account.module as "access control":
* access control is based on much more powerful regular expressions (regex) now rather than on MySQL pattern matching.
- rewrote watchdog and submission throttle
- rewrote headline code and renamed it to import.module and export.module
* added a various new features compared with the old headline code.
- rewrote headline code and renamed it to import.module and export.module:
* added various improvements, including a better parser, bundles and better control over individual feeds.
- rewrote section code and renamed it to structure.module:
* supports both "categories" and "topics" (cfr. Scoop, SlashCode). Topics can be nested to create a multi-level hierarchy.
* added "auto-post new submissions" feature versus "moderate new submissions".
- renamed hostname.conf to conf.php for security's sake.
- added poll.module.
- added conf.module:
* moved most of the configuration options from hostname.conf to the new administration section.
* added support for custom "filters"
* added support for custom "filters".
- added moderate.module:
* allows to assign users editorial/moderator rights to certain nodes or topics.
- added page.module:
......@@ -33,6 +35,8 @@ drupal x.xx, xx/xx/xxxx (CVS, unstable)
* added preview functionality when submitting new content (such as a story) from the administration pages.
* made the administration section only show those links a user has access to.
* made all modules use specific form_* functions to guarantee a rock-solid forms and more consistent layout.
* improved scheduler:
+ content can be scheduled to be 'posted', 'queued' and 'hidden'.
* improved account module:
+ added "access control" to allow/deny certain usernames/e-mail addresses/hostnames.
* improved comment module:
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