Commit 7b5a8d93 authored by Dries Buytaert's avatar Dries Buytaert
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- Patch #29326 by Morbus: added missing returns.

parent bb1f5dfd
......@@ -1098,12 +1098,13 @@ function system_update_156() {
$ret = array();
$ret[] = update_sql("DELETE FROM {cache}");
return array();
return $ret;
function system_update_157() {
$ret = array();
$ret[] = update_sql("DELETE FROM {url_alias} WHERE src = 'node/feed' AND dst = 'rss.xml'");
$ret[] = update_sql("INSERT INTO {url_alias} (src, dst) VALUES ('rss.xml', 'node/feed')");
return $ret;
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