Commit 79ee24dd authored by Alex Pott's avatar Alex Pott
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Issue #2644734 by znerol: Replace confusing comment in PagerSelectExtender::execute()

parent d04f659f
......@@ -64,10 +64,9 @@ public function __construct(SelectInterface $query, Connection $connection) {
* to it.
public function execute() {
// Add convenience tag to mark that this is an extended query. We have to
// do this in the constructor to ensure that it is set before preExecute()
// gets called.
// By calling preExecute() here, we force it to preprocess the extender
// object rather than just the base query object. That means
// hook_query_alter() gets access to the extended object.
if (!$this->preExecute($this)) {
return NULL;
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