Commit 79835b02 authored by catch's avatar catch

Issue #3146567 by alexpott, pacproduct: Wrong key name in "Missing required...

Issue #3146567 by alexpott, pacproduct: Wrong key name in "Missing required key (base_theme)" exception message
parent 15b39f02
......@@ -266,7 +266,7 @@ protected function createExtensionInfo(Extension $extension) {
$info = parent::createExtensionInfo($extension);
if (!isset($info['base theme'])) {
throw new InfoParserException('Missing required key (base_theme) in ' . $extension->getExtensionPathname() . '/' . $extension->getExtensionFilename());
throw new InfoParserException(sprintf('Missing required key ("base theme") in %s/%s, see', $extension->getExtensionPathname(), $extension->getExtensionFilename()));
// Remove the base theme when 'base theme: false' is set in a theme
......@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ public function testMissingBaseThemeException() {
->setInfoParser(new VfsInfoParser('vfs:/'));
$this->expectExceptionMessage('Missing required key (base_theme) in themes/test_missing_base_theme/test_missing_base_theme.theme/test_missing_base_theme.theme');
$this->expectExceptionMessage('Missing required key ("base theme") in themes/test_missing_base_theme/test_missing_base_theme.theme/test_missing_base_theme.theme, see');
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