Commit 7744bd90 authored by Dries's avatar Dries
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- Patch #147873 by hswong3i: made an SQL query Oracle-friendly.

parent 7b053cc9
......@@ -708,7 +708,8 @@ function menu_tree_page_data($menu_name = 'navigation') {
// LEFT JOIN since there is no match in {menu_router} for an external link.
// No need to order by p6 - there is a sort by weight later.
list(, $tree[$cid]) = _menu_tree_data(db_query("
SELECT *, ml.weight + 50000 AS weight FROM {menu_links} ml LEFT JOIN {menu_router} m ON m.path = ml.router_path
SELECT m.*, ml.menu_name, ml.mlid, ml.plid, ml.link_path, ml.router_path, ml.hidden, ml.external, ml.has_children, ml.expanded, ml.weight + 50000 AS weight, ml.depth, ml.p1, ml.p2, ml.p3, ml.p4, ml.p5, ml.p6, ml.module, ml.link_title, ml.options
FROM {menu_links} ml LEFT JOIN {menu_router} m ON m.path = ml.router_path
WHERE ml.menu_name = '%s' AND ml.plid IN (". $placeholders .") AND ml.hidden = 0
ORDER BY p1 ASC, p2 ASC, p3 ASC, p4 ASC, p5 ASC", $args), $parents);
cache_set($cid, $tree[$cid], 'cache_menu');
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