Commit 77038453 authored by dawehner's avatar dawehner Committed by tim.plunkett

Don't use the CTools export cruds anymore but directly use the entity system.

parent ea3e288d
......@@ -1742,17 +1742,9 @@ function views_view_is_disabled($view) {
* A reference to the $view object. Use $reset if you're sure you want
* a fresh one.
function views_get_view($name, $reset = FALSE) {
if ($reset) {
$cache = &drupal_static('ctools_export_load_object');
if (isset($cache['views_view'][$name])) {
function views_get_view($name) {
// @todo replace with
$view = ctools_export_crud_load('views_view', $name);
$view = entity_load('view', $name);
if ($view) {
return $view->clone_view();
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