Commit 7640e036 authored by Dries's avatar Dries
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- Patch #690746 by Damien Tournoud, Stevel: avoid table descriptions from disappearing.

parent 73a961e2
......@@ -2454,9 +2454,15 @@ function system_update_7054() {
// Update: update_fix_d7_requirements() installs this version for cache_path
// already, so we don't include it in this particular update. It should be
// included in later updates though.
$cache_tables = array('cache', 'cache_form', 'cache_menu', 'cache_page');
$cache_tables = array(
'cache' => 'Generic cache table for caching things not separated out into their own tables. Contributed modules may also use this to store cached items.',
'cache_form' => 'Cache table for the form system to store recently built forms and their storage data, to be used in subsequent page requests.',
'cache_page' => 'Cache table used to store compressed pages for anonymous users, if page caching is enabled.',
'cache_menu' => 'Cache table for the menu system to store router information as well as generated link trees for various menu/page/user combinations.',
$schema = system_schema_cache_7054();
foreach ($cache_tables as $table => $description) {
$schema['description'] = $description;
db_create_table($table, $schema);
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