Commit 757dbee6 authored by Dries's avatar Dries

- Patch #258128 by webchick: @parameter should be @param. Gets the Most...

- Patch #258128 by webchick: @parameter should be @param.  Gets the Most Trivial Patch of the Month Award.
parent 8cc4aaee
......@@ -2007,10 +2007,10 @@ function drupal_add_js($data = NULL, $type = 'module', $scope = 'header', $defer
* are added to the page. Then, all settings are output, followed by 'inline'
* JavaScript code. If running update.php, all preprocessing is disabled.
* @parameter $scope
* @param $scope
* (optional) The scope for which the JavaScript rules should be returned.
* Defaults to 'header'.
* @parameter $javascript
* @param $javascript
* (optional) An array with all JavaScript code. Defaults to the default
* JavaScript array for the given scope.
* @return
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